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We at LookOut Consultants, believe in understanding our clients requirement with “Human-Centric Approach”. We believe in finding the best and right talent for you. We hire SMART. Quality over quantity.

We will LookOut for teams that will shape your future!

Talent Acquisition

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We at Lookout consultants believe in providing end-to-end Talent Acquisition services.
From creating strategy and talent advising, we also plan your recruitment process. Thus, handling end to end TA activities. During this process we focus on “Employment branding” to attract the best talent. We not only outsource candidates, but take help of metrics, analysis and technology in finding the right fit. We engage in talent acquisition to obtain and retain the finest and employees for your organisation, typically using innovative and forward-thinking approaches that help your firm stand out from the crowd.

Encompassing everything from sourcing to onboarding, we find the right person for the job, but
with an eye on the future as much as on the present.

We also provide post joining Human Resource Services.

Training and Development

Training and Development represent programs implemented to assist employees in
strengthening existing skills, learning new skills and progressing within the organisation.

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want
to.” – Richard Branson

We will connect you with industry’s best trainers who will understand your training needs and
what results you want from our training programme. Trainer prepares a training program for
you. Delivers training and evaluates the effectiveness of the program.
Trainers can be hired full-time or on project basis.

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Legal & HR Laws

At LookOut Consultants, we offer comprehensive Legal & HR Laws services to ensure your organization stays compliant with the latest regulations. Our team of experts provides guidance on employment laws, workplace policies, and HR compliance, helping you navigate complex legal landscapes. We ensure that your HR practices align with legal standards, minimizing risks and fostering a fair and safe work environment. Trust us to keep your organization informed and compliant, so you can focus on achieving your business goals with confidence.

Human Resource Compliance

Protect your good reputation by ensuring employee-related business operations. We will evaluate your policies, procedures, and practices that govern the human resources management and employment issues. Workplace laws are always in flux. Your management team should have access to a resource
that can keep them up to date in the changing employment environment, helping employers
draft and review employee handbooks, conduct anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training, as well as evaluating and updating existing employer policies and procedures regarding employee relations.

“Having your employment policies looked at by a qualified HR leader is going to be the best
insurance policy you can ever buy.”

To avoid common employee lawsuits we take a preventative approach to maintaining your
workforce, mitigating risk, maintaining compliance, and recommending and implementing HR best practices. Our professionals are able to work with your organization on the broad scope of managing a workforce.

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